Senator Scott Sifton Files Pay Equity Legislation

sifton editJEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Scott Sifton, D-Affton, has filed a bill addressing the disparity in pay between women and men.

“Missouri women working full-time make 74 percent of what Missouri men do,” Sen. Sifton said. “Addressing this unfair disparity will lift thousands of families out of poverty, especially households headed by single mothers.”

The legislation, Senate Bill 247, prohibits paying any employee wages less than those paid to employees of the opposite gender for the same work. It allows for differentials based on seniority or merit systems, regional economic factors and other bona fide factors other than gender. The measure also contains whistleblower protections.

“Many recent efforts to address pay equity have focused on studying the issue further,” Sen. Sifton said. “I strongly support doing that, but Missouri should not wait to adopt stronger protections against gender pay inequity.”


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