Senator Sifton Files Legislation Protecting Concert-Goers

scott sifton head shotState Sen. Scott Sifton, D-Affton, introduced Senate Bill 516 today (2-25), protecting consumers from credit card entry restrictions at concerts and other live events. The legislation comes in response to consumer complaints to the Missouri attorney general that vendors insufficiently warn ticket purchasers of such restrictions.

“To enter some events, you can be required to produce not only your ticket but also the credit card used to purchase it,” Sen. Sifton explained. “This poses a significant problem for unaware consumers, especially where the original purchaser either transfers or plans to transfer the ticket to another buyer.”

Senator Sifton’s bill prohibits credit card entry restrictions, unless the consumer makes a written or electronic acknowledgement of any transfer or resale restrictions before buying the ticket. “Online buyers should be warned about credit card entry requirements before they complete the purchase on the vendor’s website,” Sen. Sifton said.

“Event tickets are always in season, whether it’s the Big 12 tournament in Kansas City, the Missouri Valley Conference tournament in St. Louis or Taylor Swift. These transfer restrictions are still somewhat uncommon, so it is important that consumers be informed when such restrictions are in place,” Sen. Sifton said.

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